Define Mini – Cool, Silent and Dead Black Sexy

Who would have thought that a seemingly simple Micro ATX PC case would be so hauntingly silent and ironically – intimidating. The Define Mini, a miniature version of the notorious Define R2/R3 PC chassis, primarily features a stylish modern design with an almost zero noise level that does not compromise cooling and ease of use. It has a patent pending ModuVent construction which allows users decide whether they want fan slots on the side or not and whether they want open or closed top panels. These options give more flexibility to different customers who may want a perfectly silent or high performance oriented chassis.

The stylish black interior is outfitted with dense noise absorbing layer of materials on the side panels to further reduce unwanted noise and vibrations. Although designed for Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards, the Define Mini can accommodate 6 hard drives using its removable and rotatable HDD cage with convenient SDD-compatible white drive trays and black silicone mounts. With the HDD-bay in place, this PC case supports graphic cards up to 260 mm and up to 400 mm when the bay is removed.

To hide messy cables, improve ventilation and save space, there’s a motherboard mounting plate with rubber covered holes to easily run the cables to a compartment behind the motherboard. Users can install their own choice of Power Supply in the bottom of the chassis where a nifty pull-out filter is included. For better cooling, Define Mini has six fan slots to cover every side of the chassis, two 120 mm Fractal Design and a fan controller for three fans are already included. Additionally, the front panel includes 2 USB 2.0, a USB 3.0 and Audio I/O ports.

More fractal designs can be found here.

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