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Well, some of you may not be familiar with these cybernetic creatures called Daleks. But to give you a brief background, these were the classic villains of the British television phenomenon “Dr. Who” in the 1960’s. A lot of people got hooked in the series and never outgrew their fascination on Dr. Who and those heavily armored Daleks. If you are among them, perhaps you’ve been longing to have at least one piece of souvenir or any stuff to remind you of that classic series. Well, here’s good news for you: Dalek replicas are now very much available for collectors like you!

At first glance, you might think that you are looking at the real Dalek because it also stands at a life-sized 5’3″ tall and looks exactly the same way as the ones that appeared on TV. But in reality, it’s just an officially licensed replica Dalek and it is hand-built to order, which means after you placed that order, it will be manufactured by hand using the original molds and specifications from the BBC Props Department. You also have the option to choose the classic color you want for your Dalek, yet enjoy the same range of features to play with.

Here’s the summary of Dalek’s features:

* Officially licensed replica dalek
* Manufactured by hand to order
* Made from same molds and specifications as the original Daleks
* Ball-jointed arms
* Plunger arm extends in and out
* Dome rotates 360°
* Built on small casters for ease of movement
* Measures approximately 160cm(H) x 86.4cm(W) x 109.2cm(D)

So, are you excited to have one of these collector’s items? Order the Dalek Replica here now!

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