Cyber Snipa Sonar Portable Mini Speaker – Great Sound Quality in a Small Package

Music even sounds better if you have a good sound quality speaker and you usually heard that from full-sized speakers. However, you cannot just easily move or bring this type of speakers elsewhere because of their heaviness or size. On the other hand, small type of speakers is easy to bring anywhere you go because of its portability. You can simply take it with you during travels, place it on the table, bring it while lounging by the pool or sitting outside your house. But the problem is when if you use small type of speakers, the bass and full audio quality becomes unpleasant. Good thing there is the new Cyber Snipa Sonar Portable Mini Speaker.

The Cyber Snipa Sonar Portable Mini Speaker only measures 190 x 215 x 90mm enough to easily carry anywhere you want to play and listen to your favorite sounds. Just plug its 18-inch chord into any MP3 player, laptop, smartphone and other portable media device that has standard 3.5mm audio connection. The Sonar PMS’ lithium battery can last up to 4 hours ensuring you can enjoy longer hours of listening to your favorite tracks. It recharges using the extended USB charging cable. What’s cooler about this product is that it is collapsible. You can pop up the chamber to have a richer, fuller, and clearer sound with the help of patented vacuum bass technology.

The Sonar PMS comes with carrying pouch, extension/charging cable, and instruction guide. To the music lovers out there, this cool gadget is a perfect music buddy you can bring wherever you go. If you want to find more Cyber Snipa products, visit GeekieStore.

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