Crossfade LP Customs – Be Unique and Endorse Yourself

Look around you and you’ll notice that most people use almost the same types and styles of headphones. Now, do you want to look like them? Or do you want your headphones to be as unique as possible, like your style and type of music? If you want to be unique and enjoy ultimate music experience at the same time, then here’s the perfect gadget accessory for you – the Crossfade LP Customs.

Unlike the ordinary headphones, the Crossfade LP Customs provides you with more choices to express yourself and to ENDORSE YOURSELF. True, why go with the flow if you can stand out from everyone and be somebody with this customizable set of headphones? All you have to do is choose the color that you want, the metal plate that you prefer, and the laser-engraved design or words that you want to include in it. So out with the old and boring look of your usual headphones, and in with the more exciting and unique Crossfade LP Customs.

How about the sound? Ordinary headphones certainly have no match on this V-Moda product. Why? Because it features only patented 50mm Dual-Diaphragm High-Definition Drivers, which is tested to deliver the sound of multiple drivers with the efficiency of a single smaller driver. As a result, you hear only an excellent combination of deep vibrant bass, juicy mid-range, and crystal clarity. And since this product is designed with supple memory foam ear cushions, noise is effectively isolated, therefore taking you into a world where only you and your music exist.

So be unique and endorse yourself while enjoying great music! Get the V-MODA Cross-fade LP Over-Ear Headphones (Gunmetal Black) now!


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