Crank up your music eavesdropping – New Cables Unlimited

Listening to music brightens up our day. But is it possible for us to listen to music without having the time to rig our components and secure the lines from an outlet? Yes, this is possible now with the high quality speaker system. When the time comes, maybe more new prospects will be available on how we can listen to music in the future.

The New Cables Unlimited Premium 900 Mhz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 2-Speaker System with Remote is a miracle itself. Changing the way we can listen to our favorite music from anywhere we might be. Its strong wireless features make it possible for signal from the wireless 900MHz phones be distributed from a range of 150 feet away. Walls and other hindrances are also eliminated offering you crystal clear music eavesdropping. This device also can be placed on wet surfaces without any problems. It can support any type of audio inputs from RCA home theatre to computers especially your iPods. These Audio Unlimited® wireless speakers are the ideal music company you would want when you’re alone, in the office, or out at the beach enjoying Mother Nature with loved ones.

Specifications are:

  • Audio Unlimited® Wireless speaker system
  • Audio Amplifier
  • Multiple Connectivity features
  • 900 MHz frequency
  • weather resilient
  • high quality signal
  • Remote control
  • portable


It is a whole new music experience. Uninterrupted happiness is just a click away with the New Cables Unlimited Premium 900 Mhz Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 2-Speaker System with Remote. So what are you waiting for, check out the availability and price here.



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