Contour+ Takes the Hills

Contour, formerly known as VholdR, is one of  the market leader in hands-free video cameras and adventure storytelling tools that enable modern day explorers to tell their stories of action, adventure and travel through video. It recently released a new product called Contour+.

Contour+ is the new sports camera which become an instant favorite to sports enthusiasts. A highly configurable camera, some were surprised on how they can easily pick it up and use it. At first glance, one would think it just looks like the previous models, the brushed-aluminum chassis appears to be similar with ContourHD. However, a closer inspection has a different story. Its specifications basically include the GPS location technology, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, and an established rail-mounting system. So far, the Contour+ has the largest lens of any PoV camera and has a 270 degree rotating lens to allowing a number of ways to position the camera. 

This sounds better every second. But what makes it stand out above the rest? The Contour+ enables live streaming via HDMI, it creates a direct connectivity to film shoots, contests and sports events coverage. This capability allows camera men and athletes to witness the event in live action. However, the video part is only half of it. The Contour+ is equipped with an external 2.5mm microphone jack to improve your sound quality options.

Packed with Contour’s tricks and added with the latest technology, this handy gadget proves to be one of the best sports camera ever released in the market yet.

Let me shot and tell my story!

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