Conran iPhone Speaker Dock – Looks Beautiful, Sounds Even More Beautiful

Having a great time listening to music using your iPhone/iPod? That’s cool! But why don’t you do away with the headset or earphones this time? After all, listening to great music is more fun when shared with others, right? But wait! Don’t even think about using some sub-standard sound system on such cool gadgets! If you want to enjoy truly amazing music, then choose only a speaker dock that provides stunning audio performance like Conran iPhone Speaker Dock.

This particular iPhone Speaker Dock is engineered by no other than the award winning design team over there at Acoustics. Built to provide class leading audio performance, the Conran iPhone Speaker Dock makes great music sound even more beautiful. It actually changes the way you listen to music since you can optimize its settings for different room types. How cool is that? Now, can you do that with your earphones or headset? Definitely not! And here’s one more: this dock also allows you to stream music wirelessly from iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Bluetoothâ„¢ enabled smart phones, tablets, and laptops. So that is such a huge convenience, considering that you can use it minus the wires, plus not just with one or two gadgets but with lots.

Aesthetics wise, well just look at the image above and what can you say? Looks beautiful, right? It definitely looks even better than the traditional speaker docks that you have seen in the past.

The Conran iPhone Speaker Dock really did a great job in combining good looks and awesome sound. So order one now!

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