Colour Phasing Egg – Love the Colors, Perfect for Any Room

Kids love colors. And their love for these can be evident to the clothes they wear, the toys they prefer, and even to their respective rooms. Yes, they just love colors, especially those that really glow in the dark. So do your kids share this same love for colors? If they do, then why not give them this Colour Phasing Egg.

As the name implies, the Colour Phasing Egg is an egg-shaped cool mood lighting that changes colors from red to blue to green and through all the blends in between. Kids, and even toddlers, will certainly love to see this type of phasing. So if you haven’t decorated your kids’ room with some sort of lighting effects, then this cute gadget is your perfect bet.

But hey, why not put one in your room too? You see, this Colour Phasing Egg does not just showcase phasing of colors but it does freeze on one particular color as well. So, if you have a specific color in mind, blue for example, to match your room’s paint, then simply freeze this gadget to blue. Such color will sure change the mood inside your room, which is somewhat relaxing. Now, if you want some mood of passion, then freeze it to red. Really, it’s amazing how this lighting can transform your room from cool and relaxing to warm and passionate.

So if you are still using that old-type of lamp that gives white or yellow color for your room or your kids’ room, it’s high time you switch to this cool mood lighting. You and your kids will sure love colors even more. Get the Colour Phasing Egg here.

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