CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator – Incredibly Handy

When you are out biking and you notice that one of your bike tyres is suddenly losing its air, you have no choice but to stop and check what the problem is. If it needs inflating, well you’ve got to give it a pump or else you’ll be pushing your bike instead of riding it all the way back to your garage. But the typical bike pump is not at all convenient to bring along, much more to slip it in your bag (yes, I doubt if you can even slip it in there). So the better option for you is this – the CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator.

So why the name CO2-Bra? Well first off, this is a CO2-powered bike tyre inflator that is designed to be incredibly handy so you can take it wherever you go. Unlike the usual hand-pump that you use to inflate your tires, this one eliminates the hassle of carrying the extra weight and bulk when biking. So how about the Bra in CO2-Bra? Okay here, try to look at the image of this geek gadget and tell me what you see. A shape of a cobra? Exactly! Such a unique design, right?

So the next time you go biking, make sure you have this incredibly handy tyre inflator with you. No hassle using it because it features a flip out thumb lever that allows you to regulate the flow of air into your tyre and a built-in pressure indicator that enables you to monitor the progress at all times.

If you want to pre-order this CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator, just click here.

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