Clingo Vent Mount – Takes Charge Of Your Phone When You’re Driving

When driving, we want to be as comfortable as possible. That’s because if we are driving in comfort, you can maneuver your ride easily, thus can reach your destination safely. One way to ensure driving comfort is to keep your vehicle’s interior clutter-free and as organized as possible. Everything in your interior – from road maps to your bottled drink – needs to have a place to stay to prevent them from messing up in the passenger cabin. How about your phone? If it ends up just about anywhere during your drive, then it’s time that you get a Clingo Universal Vent Mount.

With this device, you can place your phone at an area where you can have a glance of it anytime you want to, without taking your attention from the road. It comes with ball and socket joint plus a pivoting arm that offers unbounded adjustability to ensure proper viewing angles. What keeps you phone secured is the Clingo sticky pad. Even if it is sticky, it lets go of your phone without leaving any residue when you’re ready to get out of your car. True, if you allow your mobile phone to stick to Clingo, you can focus well on driving.

Another thing you’ll love about Clingo’s Vent Mount is, it is way too easy to install. It’s the easiest way to mount your phone even if it doesn’t have a hard shell protective case. No matter what type of phone you own, you have nothing to worry about. Clingo Vent mount works with all models of the Apple’s iPhone or iPod, Blackberry, Droid and any other phone you can think of. So visit Amazon and get yourself a Clingo Vent Mount now!

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