Cleanwater Baby Bathtub – Infant Bathing Made Even More Convenient

One of the essential things that your newborn will need is a bathtub. It would be quite difficult to bathe your little one if you don’t have one around. But one of the challenges in using a typical bathtub is that you still have to combine cold water with warm one so you get the right water temperature for your baby. This can be such a hassle and time consuming especially if there’s still a lot of things to be done inside the house. Good thing there’s now a product that will make this challenge a lot more convenient for moms. Introducing the all-new Cleanwater Baby Bathtub with Digital Thermometer!

Bringing a unique approach to infant bathing, this Cleanwater Infant Tub with Digital Thermometer will help moms out there determine the water’s temperature without so much fuss. Its ingenious design allows running faucet water to create a gentle circulating flow with the infant tub, ensuring that the baby is cradled only with clean, warm water. And what’s more amazing about this is that it features a water resistant backlit display that is color coded so that moms will know when the water is cold, which is indicated by the color blue, warm when the color is green, or hot when the color is red. No need to guess if the water is warm enough for baby’s bath. By simply looking at the color coding, all moms will ever have to think about is how make each bath a soothing experience for baby.

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