Clean Your Desk with Robo Vacuum Cleaner

Getting your own R2D2 might still be light years far far away but – you can still always settle with the new Robo Vacuum. It is not exactly rocket science or Star Wars material yet it is much better than a plain old vacuum cleaner. This vacuum gadget gets rid of dirt, dust, and left over chips and crumbs on your desktop. Lacking self propulsion technology and sophisticated AI, this cute Robo Vacuum needs to be led and moved around the desk for it to do its job. Just push the power button on the top of its head and it will actually do the table cleaning for you. To get rid of the collected dirt, simply twist off the top and dispose the contents.

The Robo Vacuum is powered by two separately sold AA batteries. Given the power source, it’s not exactly a Turbo Vacuum 2000 but it can effectively pick up small debris and food crumbs on the table. To help keep its cost down at an affordable price of $14.95, it uses durable plastic instead of advanced Gundanium alloy phase shift armor. No need to worry about adding desktop clutter or bring this robot with you, it merely measures 4 x 4 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces. It is available in red, black, or gray color.

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