Chinon AVI – Turns your iPod Into a Wide Screen, Digital TV Tuner, Digital FM Radio & Alarm Clock

Watching video using your iPod is such a convenience. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if you are able to dock it in a device that can turn it into a wider screen? You bet, it would. Good thing, there’s now an iPod dock that serves such purpose – the Chinon AVI! But hey, the good thing doesn’t end there! In fact, this AVI can also turn your iPod into a digital TV tuner, a digital FM radio, and an alarm clock in one.

As a wide screen, simply dock your iPod on top of the AVI, play the video that you want to watch from it, and voila! You got a bigger screen in an instant! Not only that, if you don’t have videos saved on your iPod Touch, you can always connect it to a Wi-Fi and then stream web video for your full enjoyment.

Don’t want to watch videos? Then, switch on to TV. The Chinon AVI turns your iPod into a digital TV tuner by simply plugging the AVI into your analogue TV. The AVI will serve as your digital converter box so it would be possible for you to pickup and watch the newest digital broadcasts.

How about listening to your favorite radio music? It’s very much possible too with this iPod dock. It’s auto scanning feature presets up to 20 radio stations, all for your listening pleasure.

And one last thing, the AVI turns into an alarm clock too. So no more waking up late in the mornings. With this dock, you get to wake up on time, and to your favorite playlist or radio beat.

Get this Portable 7″ Digital TV & iPod Dock now!

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