Chat Stick – The Chat Investigator

Dead chat logs tell no tales – so you think. Meet the new Paraben Chat Stick, a thumb drive detective that’s after cold chat logs on an entire computer. The chat stick scans and captures conversation logs from popular messengers including Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Trillian, Skype, Hello, and Miranda and presents them in a comprehensive and easy to read format. This USB drive basically allows you to view what your children or employees are talking about over the web. Why monitor Instant Messengers? When they became an integral communication platform at home and in the office, they added threats and risks. Employees can unknowingly spread virus by sharing files through IM, release confidential company information, or simply waste company money by spending idle time chatting on IMs. Using the Chat Stick to scan and review computers can inform you of possible threats and abuses concerning the use of Instant Messengers. At home, your children can be an easy prey for online predators or your partner may be seeing someone online behind your back. The Chat Stick can help you monitor what’s going on around your home even you’re not around.

The Paraben Chat Stick comes with a chat analysis application included in the USB thumb drive and you can easily take it or use it anywhere or on any computer. Since it can easily sniff out chat logs from other computer files, it works fast no matter the size of the hard drive. Most IM conversation logs are small so transferring and processing them on the Chat Stick is quick and easy. Finally, the Chat Stick comes in an ordinary and inconspicuous disguise; chances are no one would even suspect that this thumb drive can snoop out their deepest IM secrets.

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