Challenge a Friend to a Battle of Minds with Mindflex Duel

Have you seen any movie from the Harry Potter series? There’s one movie in the series wherein the wizards challenge each other on a duel using only their wands. If you’ve seen it, well it was quite a scene, right? The same is true when you see duel in action movies wherein the characters use guns or swords. The thrill and excitement of waiting who’s going to win the match is just overwhelming. Now, why don’t you feel the excitement yourself and challenge a friend? No, not with the use of wands, guns, or swords, but just your minds. Yes, that’s possible with the use of this super cool gadget called Mindflex Duel.

The main objective of this unique duel is to force the ball into your opponent’s end and whoever does it first, wins. It uses a variation of EEG technology that is designed to “read” the intensity of your brainwaves. The whole package includes a console, 2 headsets, 4 balls, 1 Flex Tower (3 rings), 1 Verti-wheel, 1 Tilt-a-wall, 1 Flip Frame, 1 Cannon, 1 basket, and of course, an instruction booklet. Simply refer to this instruction booklet as to how to get started, but basically once you and your opponent are all set-up, all you need to do is to concentrate and the ball will rise. If you relax, the ball will sink. So yes if you want to win, you should have no room for relaxation when playing this game.

So are you ready to challenge a friend to this exciting duel? If you are, then place your Mindflex Duel order here now!

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Mindflex Duel Game
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Brand New Mindflex Duel Game
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