CES 2011: ActionTec MyWirelessTV HDMI Adapters Feature Cavium’sPureVu Processors

“Building innovative and differentiated products that provide the performance and ease of use that consumers demand.” This is the core vision that ActionTec shares with the leading provider of semiconductor products, Cavium. So at CES 2011, Cavium officially announced that ActionTec’s MyWirelessTV family of wireless HDMI adapters will feature Cavium’s PureVu processors and WiVu wireless display technology. As a result, more consumers will have the ability to run full 3D HD video over their 802.11n wireless network to multiple displays.

MyWirelessTV consists mainly of two components: a transmitter and a receiver HDMI adapter. The transmitter device is used to connect to any HDMI source like STB, PC, A/V receiver, or Blu-Ray player so that the user can transmit the content from any of the sources mentioned over a Wi-Fi connection. To view the content on any display, it should have a receiver HDMI adapter connected to it. More transmit or receive adapters can also be used, if one chooses to expand the network and include more HDMI sources and displays. That way, multiple users can enjoy viewing 2D and 3D HD content from any HDMI source on any display anywhere in their home wirelessly. And for gamers, the system’s sub 20ms latency from source to screen at a claimed range of 150 feet will sure catch their fancy. This actually sets the MyWirelessTV apart from the rest of Wireless HD products, so it’s really worth a try.

ActionTec MyWirelessTV will hit the stores late this year. For now, feel free to check out these Wireless HDMI products at Amazon.

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