Catit Design Senses Play Circuit – Because Cats Want to Have Fun Too!

Maybe you’re wondering why your pet cat always creates havoc in your room, outside the garden, and anywhere inside your home. You sure don’t miss out on feeding it, so what could be the problem why it’s acting like that? Hmmm. Perhaps, it’s getting bored, don’t you think? You see, cats are like humans, in such a way that they get bored too. So if they got nothing to do, chances are they will never think twice about tearing the papers on top of your desk, picking the stuffing out of your couch, and worse, ripping the carpet that is not even a year since you bought. Don’t let boredom turn your kitties from good to bad and to worse. Remember, cats want to have fun too! So get this Catit Design Senses Play Circuit for your beloved pet.

The main purpose of this cute and funny gadget is to keep your kitty on its toes for hours. Even when you are out, busy doing house chores, or simply relaxing, you can be confident that your pet cat is not doing anything destructive just because you can’t play with it. So what’s in this gadget that will make your cat busy for hours? It’s none other than the motion-sensitive flashing ball. When your cat bats the ball, it will move freely up and down the winding track, making it a truly exciting target for it to play with. And what’s more exciting about this is that it is modular, giving you an option to change the layout of the track if you want to. You can either choose it to be in full circle shape or an S-shape to keep your cat amused.

So, don’t you think this makes a really fun gadget toy for your pet cat? Go and get yourself the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit here!

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