Catit Design Senses Massage Centre – Because Cats Need to Relax Too

For all cat lovers and owners out there, we have another cool gadget in store for you today. Just yesterday, we featured here at Geekie the cute and funny gadget for cats called the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit. And if you fell in love with it, for sure you’ll love this gadget that we’ll feature today even more. Why? Because after getting tired from playing with the circuit, your pet certainly needs to relax too. And this is where the Catit Design Senses Massage Centre comes in.

Designed as a veritable day-spa for kitties, this is certainly a nice way for them to relax, unwind, and take a break from their fun playtime. This actually works in three ways: as gum stimulator, as accu-pressure mat, and as body-stroke groomers. Who says only humans need a good massage and teeth and gums cleaning? Cats definitely need them too, and more. So this gadget comes complete with a gum stimulator that massages and cleans teeth and gums, an accu-pressure mat that provides point paw massage, and body-stroke groomers which are effective at stimulating face and back glands while providing an easy-access, intense massage. With all these pampering, your pet will surely feel relaxed and revitalized, ready to play with the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit again.

If you really want your pet cat to stop creating havoc inside your home, you should never ignore the importance of letting it have fun play times and relaxation too.

Purchase the Catit Design Senses Massage Centre here!

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