Capture and Share Pictures in 3D with DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer

So, what type of camera do you currently use? Is it a DSLR? Or a point and shoot? As of today, more and more people find it more convenient to use an SLR because of the advanced features that it offers, not to mention the higher quality photos that it provides. But there are also a few people who prefer to stick to the point and shoot type because it’s a lot more portable and can even be used underwater. So, where do you belong in these two groups? If neither, then you must be a fan of 3D cameras? Am I correct? If you are, then read on because we’ll feature here a camera that will allow you to capture and share pictures in 3D. It’s called the DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer.

Shoot it! Print it! And view it! These are the three easy steps that you need to do if you want to enjoy taking and sharing pictures in 3D. The DXG-018P is a dual-lens camera that allows you to take full-color side-by-side still photos. With a 1.44″ LCD screen to frame your subject, you can have so much fun shooting all the photos you want less the adjustments and hassles of holding a bulky cam. After shooting, you can print all those pictures from any printer at that using only a standard 4×6 photo paper. Once done, simply insert the printed picture inside the 3D viewer and that’s it! You can start enjoying all those pictures in 3D. But why not share those photos for added fun? All you need to do is send the 3D viewer with the picture inside to your friends and family, and they will sure be amazed and have so much fun viewing them in 3D too.

So, how’s this for a camera? Want to see more? Check out this DXG 3D product at Amazon.

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