Camerang: The Flying Camera!

Fond of aerial shots? How about being able to play with the camera while taking shots? Sound impossible? Not a problem. Taking your own self portraits in the air is becoming easy as it gets!

The new Camerang digital camera is invented by the ingenuity of Sanyong Park. It is created to be used for aerial photography. The concept of this camera is being a toy and a gadget at the same time. It  was designed to be original and unique. This is perfect for spontaneous outdoor activities. Most people would get one like this just out of curiosity but the designer said this was an innovation in their craft. The term “camerang” came from the root word camera and boomerang. Shaped like the latter, this gadget is thrown in the air and then hoped to return to the sender’s hand without scratches. The camera takes shots while it is spinning in the air and it doesn’t wait for the subjects to pose. Camerang is simply the refined version of other aerial cameras with a fun touch.

Worried that the shots are blurred? Worry no more! The Camerang has a centralized lens that rotates and focuses its subjects while in the air. The camera was designed to capture photos using a bird’s view. If you are more of a quirky type of person and you want some fun self-portrait shots, this one’s for you!  The Camerang camera is similar to a flying stick camera but shaped differently. Drilling a sense of abandonment, the Camerang camera has given another option of fun ways to enjoy photography and save memories.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find where to purchase it but soon as its available in the market, I will certainly have one of this!







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