Calculator Spy Camera- Record & Click in confidence!

When we refer to spying, it relates to investigating without the knowledge of source. In today’s time, people easily recognize the presence of a spying camera or spying eye around them. Thus need of the time is to use such devices that may not give any hint of their actual purpose.

Calculator Spy Camera makes spying easier with its looks that resemble an ordinary calculator. Its technique and design helps in recording the video and taking pictures secretly.  The target will not be able to notice the presence of a camera recorder inside a calculator. Thus, it’s completely safe to use.

The professionals not only require a hidden gesture for recording but also need a crystal clear high quality resolution. With a video clarity of 640 x 480 at 30 FPS and true to life pictures of 1280 x 960 pixels, one can enjoy the features of a real camera.

Apart from this, the Calculator Spy Camera is a fully functional calculator that runs on solar power. It characterizes a 12- digit display keys. For charging purpose, the calculator takes its power from solar energy and the hidden spy camera uses lithium battery. The best thing about the Calculator Spy Camera is that it completely depends upon a user’s choice whether he wants the calculator to be functional or not!

With a built-in memory of 4GB, its battery back up can last for 2 hours with a nonstop use.  Thus, seeing its functionalities and benefits, this small device is a very beneficial instrument for the professionals such as journalists or detectives etc. For more details regarding Calculator Spy Camera, click here.


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