Burg5 Phone Watch – The Phone Within your Wrist

Yes, you read it right! The Burg5 Phone Watch is the phone within your wrist, not reach. Well, you can still say within reach if you want to, but literally, it’s really the phone within your wrist because you can wear it on your wrist like the typical wristwatch. The only difference is that this one does not only provide you with the time but also allow you to make and receive calls. Genius, isn’t it?

So, you might say, “Who would even think about having this gadget if the usual mobile phone has a lot more features and is more stylish too?” Well, consider this scenario: you are out jogging one day and while in the middle of your run, you remember that you need to make a very important call. And since you never take your mobile phone with you when jogging, you have no choice but to jog back to your place just to make that call. Such a hassle, right? But if you have the Burg5 Phone Watch on your wrist, you never have to go back again and continue jogging instead.

Still not convinced? Here’s another: if you are out for an outdoor activity such as playing sports, chances are you bring your mobile phone with you but often leave it inside your bag when you start playing. That’s too risky, especially if there’s no locker within sight. So instead of bringing one and leaving it inside your bag, might as well have this phone watch.

So, you see there are lots of conveniences that go with having this really cool gadget. Know more about the Burg5 Phone Watch and get it here!

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