Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-VL – Your Fast and Dependable Network Storage Solution

Your personal and even family files are some of the things that are greatly valuable to you that’s why storing them in the safest storage device is a major concern. The Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-VL network storage can provide you more secure and faster access to your data than a typical USB hard drive. It allows easy access to shared folders by everyone connected to the network, better protection from unrestricted access on private files and folders, and reliable back up of every PC on the home network to single location.

The LinkStation Pro uses 1.6 GHz DDR3 RAM that can transfer data up to a maximum speed of 76 MBps. The upgraded processor is more than twice the transfer speed of other competing devices. The LinkStation Pro also incorporates TurboPC for Windows that boosts the total performance of a computer and increases speed of transferring files up to 35%. What’s more interesting about this device is that it can supply five copies of NovaBACKUP Professional for Windows as well as a built-in Time Machine Server to back up all PCs and Mac computers in the house to a more uncomplicated and always available single storage expansion.

To use, simply connect the USB 2.0 LinkStation Pro to any Ethernet port or to the backside of your wireless router and immediately access storage from any computer on the home network. You can store or back up digital photos, MP3s and other files on one hard drive and access them from any PC at the same time. Additionally, files can be safely and quickly accessed and shared from any computer over the Internet using any standard browser. There’s also Free Buffalo WebAccess i apps on the Apple iTunes App Store for access on you and your friends’ LinkStation, integrated DLNA Certified server that streams multimedia content to any DNLA or uPnP A/V media playback device like PS3, Xbox 360, network enabled TVs, and digital photo frames, as well as an instant access on downloading any BitTorrent files without turning on your computer.

Find more Buffalo LinkStation here.

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