Brush with Genius Singing Paintbrush – Ready, Paint, Sing!

What’s your typical bonding time with your kids? Is it traveling? Or simply doing outdoor activities such as camping, biking, swimming, or playing sports. How about indoors, what do you usually do to bond with your kids? If you answer painting, for sure you will be very interested to know more about this gadget that we will feature here today – the Brush with Genius Singing Paintbrush.

Ready, paint, sing! But hey, you won’t be the one singing so your kids will have fun painting! The Brush with Genius Singing Paintbrush will do that for you. Yes, that’s right! This cute little gadget is a watercolor paintbrush that “sings” when your kids start painting or when their finger touches the metal strip on the brush. The first time they’ll hear it, they will sure be totally amazed. And you’ll find it more convenient too since you don’t have to worry about them getting bored easily or asking you to sing for them while they paint.

Bond with your kids and enhance their creativity at the same time with this ingenious gadget. For your kid who is showing lots of interest to painting, he or she will find this paintbrush a new thing to explore and develop his or her creativity. Now, if your kid is not too inclined in this, well this will definitely be a good start for him or her to love and be more interested with painting.

So, are you ready? Paint and sing with the Brush with Genius Singing Paintbrush by buying here now!

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