Break Opponents and Break Records with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580M GPU

If you want to see the fastest cars with record-breaking land speeds you go to the German autobahn or Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats. If you want the fastest mobile graphics processing unit you go to NVIDIA. NVIDIA once again claimed the title of the fastest in the realm with their new GeForce GTX580M notebook graphics processing unit. And guess who got their hands first on the cookie jar? Alienware. Yes, Alienware will be using the new GeForce GTX580M on their latest M18x and M17x gaming notebooks making them also one of the fastest notebooks on the market.

If the title fastest doesn’t come through enough, how about twice as fastest (if there’s ever such a thing) for the Alienware M18x can be further configured to run not on one but two GTX580Ms using NVDIA SLI technology – a pretty wicked set-up that can easily crunch, grind, and trample over even the most demanding games with impunity. The Alienware M17x on the other hand may not have the dual firepower of its sibling but it has the upper hand on battery endurance thanks to its integrated NVIDIA Optimus technology. The M17x features a superb battery life that can last up to 5 hours and can frame rates that can seamlessly play 100 fps on Call of Duty: Black Ops. By harnessing the raw pulsating power of latest GeForce GTX GPUs, the next generation Alienware M18x and M17x are now the fastest and one of the most energy efficient Microsoft DirectX 11 gaming notebooks on the planet.

With the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX580M on their systems, gamers are further rewarded with full 1080p high-definition screen resolution, 3D capabilities, realistic in-game physics, NVIDIA CUDA architecture support, constant improvements, and reliable performance. You might also want to check out Alienware M18X and related products here.

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