Blue Glow Brick – Great Gift for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. So, do you already have a gift for mom in mind? Home gadgets and kitchen gadgets are some of the things that you can consider. But if your budget is too tight and all you have is around £19.99, then why not consider this Blue Glow Brick instead? It’s actually a glow-in-the-dark pigment that is trapped inside a real light bulb, giving a a tranquil and subtle glow at night time or in any dark room.

Most moms love lamps of all sorts. They make fine additions to any room and can effectively change its mood from cold to warm. So, there’s no doubt moms love them. Your mom, for sure, is no different. She’d love to receive one as a gift this Mother’s Day. But why give her the usual lamp, she deserves more than that? Something that is unique, perhaps, something like the Blue Glow Brick. Take a look at the image – it’s the first time you’ve seen a bulb that’s encased in a solid block of Acrylic resin, right? Once you’ve seen that for real, and witnessed how the bulb glows, for sure you and your mom will be more mesmerized because the casing’s polished surface gives a jewel-like quality to the object. Really, it makes a great gift for mom! It is totally different and it is something she would be able to remind you of every single day.

A mother’s day gift does not really have to come in expensive packages. Get the Blue Glow Brick for only £19.99 here.

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SUCK UK Blue Glow Brick
SUCK UK Blue Glow Brick

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