Block Rocker – Portable Speaker System for your iPod

So you’re looking for accessories and other devices that will make your iPod more functional? Then Block Rocker is the device for you. This is a portable iPod sound system that comes with a built-in long life and rechargeable battery. It also offers an integral iPod dock plus extra inputs. Thanks to these additional inputs, you can easily plug in the mic for Karaoke that’s included in the kit. You can also connect a guitar, if you want to perform with your friends. Yes, Block Rocker looks like the stack amplifier used by many bands. Inside it is high-powered amplifier and speakers

The Block Rocker is actually a combination of PA system, iPod amp, and karaoke kit. It takes pride in being equipped with a battery indicator that alerts you when it’s time to recharge. You can also choose to use the Block Rocker to charge up your iPod. The best thing about this iPod speaker system is, it is portable enough so you can rock and roll all day even in different venues. You can party all night too! You don’t have to worry about the Block Rocker running out of power because it features an onboard battery that can continuously provide your needed juice for up to twelve hours.

True, Block Rocker is the perfect gadget for live performances. It is can also be used when you’re chillin’ out with your friend or loved ones in your backyard or in the beach. Use it inside and out, no one’s gonna stop you! Click here and find out more about the Block Rocker Portable iPod Speaker System.

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