Blackbird Fly Camera

So you miss those classy vintage snappers like the Holga and Rolleiflex? There’s now a way to bring the tried and tested shooting methods to the photographers of the new generation and that’s through the Blackbird Fly Camera. Very much like its Rolleiflex, the Blackbird Fly comes with two objective lenses – one lens for capturing photographs and another lens for a top-down viewfinder. To view how you or your subject will look like, all you need is to gaze into the top of the camera on the matter focusing screen before you take the photograph.

The difference of the Blackbird Fly Camera from many twin lens reflex snappers is the use of tricky-to-find 120mm film format. By employing the said format, you need not worry about losing the vintage looks of photographs. The Blackbird Fly Camera also lets users like you shoot in three different formats such as normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm), square (24mm x 24mm), or large square (36mm x 36mm). This camera requires no batteries. It also doesn’t have LCD display.

Among the camera specifications and features that need to take into account are:
• Twin Reflex 35mm plastic camera
• Two objective lenses
• 3 different formats
o Normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm)
o Square (24mm x 24mm)
o Large Square (36mm x 36mm)

Technical Specifications:
• Apertures: f/7 (cloudy) and f/11 (sun)
• Shutter speeds: 1/125 and B (Bulb mode – to let in as much light as you want)
• Lens: Wide-angle 33mm lens
• Focus: Visual distance estimates 0.8, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 10

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