Big Trak – Perfect for Kids and Kids at Heart

Big Trak, oh how can you forget this name! You used to bug your mom or your dad to get you one of these cool toys yet all you got was a toy car that was not as fascinating as this cool-looking 6-wheeled tank. All those times, you dreamed nothing but to program one of those tanks yourself and be able to move it around while firing its photon beam. Too bad, mom and dad was not able to get you one because of their usual lines, “It’s such a waste, you’re going to get over it sooner than you think.” But your mom was wrong. And now that you’re old enough to buy on your own, then it’s time you get yourself this new version of Big Trak.

Actually, nothing much has changed with this modern version. It still features pretty much the same things:

* Allows you to programme your Big Trak to drive around the place and fire photons.
* Pre-Programme up to 16 different commands in one go.
* 360 degree turning.
* Maximum length of one move is 99 lengths (one length = 33 cm).
* Loop function allows you to repeat sequences.
* Blue light photons.
* Comes with stickers to decorate it with.

So if you’ve missed this cool toy during your childhood years, then now is the time to grab it! You’d sure love everything about it: the cool looks, the retro feel, the stickers that you can use to decorate it, and the way you can program it, adding more fun and excitement.

Big Trak is just the perfect geek toy for kids and the kids at heart like you. So get one now!

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