Be Seen, Be Safe On the Road with Fibre Flare Duo Red Light Glow Stick

“Sorry man, I didn’t see you.” – Those are the last words any cyclists would want to hear as they lay down on the road with a bent and thrashed bicycle, courtesy of an unwary, inept, and inattentive driver. Road visibility is road safety, even more so at night; cyclist invests on brightly colored clothes, lights, and reflective strips so that they don’t end up on the road gutter or worse, underneath someone else’s vehicle because the driver did not “see” them.

There’s no such thing as too safe, that’s why adding the new Fibre Flare Duo Red Light clip-on glow stick for bikes on their list of road safety devices is a good idea especially for frequent night riders. This device emits an ultra-bright omni-directional light that can be seen as far as 200 meters on a clear night, a way better substitute for your regular lights. The Fibre Flare Duo Light uses two high intensity red LEDs. Each LED is located at the end of the fiber optic core that disperses the light evenly along its length making it appear that the entire fiber optic tube is glowing. Additionally, the vivid red color sends an obvious message – STOP.

The whole device is flexible and bends easily; it’s versatile enough to be mounted in any position on almost any part of the bicycle, clothing, or backpack using the included silicon attachment string to maximize visibility. The Fibre Flare Duo Red Light is powered by four CR2032 batteries that can last up to 50 hours.

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