Back To The Future – Solowheel BC unicycle

Electric bikes, electric cars, how great would it be to have electric shoes? Nothing is quite certain today with how the world’s technology can produce something great for the everyday commuter.

Have you ever seen a unicycle? Have you ever ridden on one? Now it would be possible for you to experience the new Solowheel BC. The Solowheel BC is a gyroscopic electric unicycle. This great gadget can be your round-trip ticket to wherever you want to go to.  However, it might not be a comfortable ride for there is no seat to sit upon like a bike. This means that this will be a great form of exercise for you, to stand up all the way. You can ride this great gadget at 10 mph for as long as two hours. Yet, not all can ride the Solowheel BC, except for those individuals under 250 pounds. Not only will this get you to your destination, you will also feel great as everyone will notice you as you pass by them with your great gadget. Thinking of this great gadget makes me wonder of times I can have being alone by myself riding all day long. But first you will need to learn and control yourself riding a one wheeled gadget.

The Solowheel BC features:

  • Portable Electric Unicycle
  • Built-in battery
  • 10 mph riding speed
  • Great form of exercise
  • Low cost ride
  • Awesome design

So what’s not to love about this great gadget? Feel free and explore life with the Solowheel BC taken you to wonderful places. Watch and learn more about the Solowheel BC here at




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