Babble Balls – Interactive Fun Toys for Kitties and Doggies Too!

Well, it’s quite obvious that we’re so fond of pets here at Geekie. Yesterday, we featured that enticing teaser toy for cats so they can still have fun playtime while you’re away. Today, we’ll again feature a cool gadget toy for your beloved kitty. But hey, don’t feel sad yet if what you have is a pet doggie. Because our little Babble Balls are not just for kitties, but for doggies too.

These Babble Balls are interactive fun toys that talk or make cute and funny animal sounds when touched. These are made using improved technology that is very sensitive to touch, so your pets will sure get very excited once they touch them and these start talking. Actually, these are not just sensitive to touch, but also to vibrations and breathing. With just a slight movement by your pet or simply when it breathes near the ball, these will begin making crazy but very cute animal sounds. Once it’s done playing with any of these interactive toys, the ball will automatically turn off and wait to be touched again by your beloved pet.

Thinking how long these balls will last? Well, these feature durable high impact ABS construction, so you can expect them to last longer than any typical play ball you have inside your home. Even if your pet dog or cat plays with them for extended periods, you sure have nothing to worry about getting them damaged because they sure boast high-grade construction.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your doggie or kitty experience fun playtime with these interactive fun toys. Order the Babble Balls here.

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