Axis Safety Hub – A Self-Powered Safety Hub with AM/FM/NOAA Weather Alert and USB Cell Phone Charger

Eton Corporation, which is endorsed by the American Red Cross, introduces a new multi-purpose product that is designed mainly for emergencies. It’s called the Axis Safety Hub. Dubbed as a self-powered safety hub with AM/FM/NOAA weather alert and USB cell phone charger, this product is designed for extreme weather scenarios, on which gadgets such as radio, flashlight, and cell phone charger are of utmost importance. It is setup for seven weather channels and AM/FM bands so even if there is no electricity, you are still updated about the weather and other news.

The weather is very unpredictable, right? Although there are news alerts, sometimes you just find yourself unprepared for the situation, so having this emergency gadget around is a big plus. With its AM/FM/NOAA weather radio feature, you can tune into a variety of AM/FM stations and also 7 preset NOAA weather channels. Just make sure to fully extend the telescopic antenna for FM or WB stations for best receptions.

But the use of this gadget doesn’t end in extreme weather scenarios. In fact, it is great for other emergency situations too. Let’s say you are out driving one night and you suddenly need to fix something under the hood. This gadget features a blinking red LED light along with a flashlight that you can use to provide you with the illumination that you need. Also, it can charge cell phones. If you are on a long road trip and your phone’s battery suddenly dies on you, you don’t have to wait until you reach your destination just to juice it up because this will certainly do the trick.

Want to have this cool gadget? Hey, it makes a great gadget gift too especially for dads! Buy the Eton Axis Safety Hub here now!

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