AudioVibe Speaker – Because Kids Just Want to Have Fun

Latest gadgets like gaming consoles are not the only things that can entertain your kids. Great music can do wonders too. In fact, a good number of kids find it so much fun dancing to R&B beats and dance hits. And the louder the music, the more fun it is for them. So if you can’t afford to buy your kids a gaming console, then consider getting this AudioVibe Speaker instead.

This type of speaker is not the typical speaker that you know. Instead of being the same source of sound, this one has to be attached to any surface in order to turn it into a sound source. Try it on any cardboard box or on your table and you’ll see why it’s different from the other speakers around. You can also try it on your fridge, on your desk, or anywhere you want the vibrations to transfer. Really, you’d be amazed how this sticky patch can create a totally different sound that your kids will surely enjoy.

So you might ask, “What device can I use with this speaker?” Well, this one is made compatible with any portable media device, as long as its headphone jack measures 3.5 mm. So whether you’ve got an MP3 player there or a mobile phone, you can very much use any of these with the AudioVibe Speaker.

Kids nowadays may find gaming consoles a really great source of entertainment. But if you can’t afford giving one to your kids, might as well settle with the AudioVibe Speaker. Certainly, it’s made for kids who just want to have fun.

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