Asus Brings First Honeycomb Tablet

The tablet market, dominated by Apple with its successful iPad, has been growing a lot lately as new tablets from different brands introduce theirs one after another. The iPad is still a solid choice among buyers for it delivers both quality and performance expected from the company behind it. That might will soon change as Android 3.0 “Honeycomb” begins to roll out these coming months. The said Android version is mainly optimized for tablets probably to answer the many problems other old versions of Android bring to the current slew of tablets in the market. Asus seems to be an early adopter bringing us its new Acer Eee Pad  Transformer ahead of most companies. It’s one of the firsts to use Honeycomb at its core which gives Asus a great deal of advantage for those who want to try out the new Android version as soon as possible.

OS aside, the tablet comes with pretty good specs as well – a 10 inch capacitive touchscreen, Tegra 2 dual- core processor and two cameras. What’s unique with this tablet is that is features a keyboard dock which pretty much makes it ur dedicated netbook once docked. It also uses the same display technology as with the iPad which they call an IPS display. Asus promises that the Transformer will run for 8 and half hours before running out of juice whilst on tablet mode, 16 hours while docked with the keyboard.

The price ain’t that bad either. The Transformer costs around $399 to $499 depending on the storage capacity. If you want to grab one now, check here.

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