AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock – Perfect for Outdoor Parties and More

If you are planning on hosting a simple barbecue party outside your home anytime soon, then you need to prepare as early as now. Menu, cocktails, appetizers, what else? Oh yes, don’t forget the music! It would be so boring if you won’t have great music at least on the background. Got an iPod or iPhone? If yes, then you can very much play the favorite tunes you got there. But since the built-in speakers of those cool gadgets are not enough for outdoor partying, then better pair it with this AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock.

True to its name, this gadget works in two ways – as iPhone/iPod speaker dock and as wireless speakers. First, let’s see what it can do with its handy docking capabilities. You sure don’t want to leave your beloved gadget just sitting on the table while it plays your favorite music, do you? So simply dock it there, get the remote (yes, it features a remote control for added convenience), and control it as you prepare that barbecue for your guests.

Now, how about as wireless speakers? Well, you can always detach the two speakers, blasting up to 30 meters away. They include built-in rechargeable battery, so you can definitely take them off the dock and still make use of them whenever you want to. Once they run out of juice, simply put them back onboard to charge up.

So, want to have a totally awesome outdoor party? Get the barbecue and cocktails ready. And of course, don’t forget to order the AQ Orbit Wireless Speaker Dock here.

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