Apple Thunderbolt Display – You’ve Been Thunderstruck!

Get ready to feel the Thunder! Apple just released the world’s first ever Thunderbolt Display – an advance monitor and docking station for Mac notebook with Apple’s exclusive Thunderbolt Input and Output technology. This technology features a pair of two directional channels with lightning fast 10 GB/s transfer speed – each! The Thunderbolt ports deliver PCI Express performance straight to external peripherals like RAID storage and high resolution DisPlay port. The Thunderbolt technology also allows for chaining Thunderbolt-enabled devices and audio and video recording devices. Using a single data cable, Thunderbolt-compatible Mac computers can connect to the Thunderbolt Display and take advantage of the following features: a large 27-inch display, FaceTime camera, 2.1 speaker system, MagSafe Macbook charger, and various I/O interface consisting of Gigabit Ether, FireWire 800, USB 2.0, and proprietary Thunder ports.

Made to complement the familiar Mac design, the Thunderbolt Display sports a stylishly thin aluminum and glass body. The screen comes in 16:9 “end to end” glass design with IPS technology for brilliant and vivid images all throughout the 178 degrees viewing angle. Furthermore, the screen comes with energy efficient power consumption and an ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment. To reduce the environment impact of consumer electronic products, Apple constructed the Thunderbolt Display using mercury-free LED, zero arsenic glass, non-brominated flame retardants, PVC-free cables, and recyclable materials. Apple Thunderbolt meets both Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT Gold standards. This Apple gadget will be available soon in Apple Store and Apple Authorized Resellers for about $999.00.

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