Angel Bicycle Helmet – Be More Visible on the Road

If you have a bicycle and you often ride it to work, grocery, or any other place, then most probably you also have a bicycle helmet to keep you protected. But is your helmet reliable enough especially when you ride at night time, winter time, or in poorly lit areas?

According to statistics, 60% of road traffic accidents that involve cyclists happen 4pm onwards. Yes you may agree that rush hour traffic has something to do with this, but more often than not, reduced visibility is the main culprit. Since a bicycle is not as big as the other means of transportation, its cyclist can be really difficult to spot. So to become more visible on the road, the Angel Bicycle Helmet is necessary.

True to its name, the Angel Bicycle Helmet keeps you safe while riding your bicycle. At first, it might look like the typical bicycle helmet, but once its built-in halo of LEDs light up, you will be surprised at how ingeniously designed it is. Lights are typically mounted at the front and rear of bikes. And though they make you visible when cycling at night or in dark areas, they are nothing compared to the light that this bicycle helmet will provide.

But aside from the built-in halo LEDs, this gear is packed with other features – a polycarbonate shell made with sweeping vents to circulate air while protecting the head at the same time, 100% waterproof, and a built-in recharging point in the back to connect it to any USB socket.

So why don’t you use one in addition to your bike’s front and rear bikes? Get the Angel Bicycle Helmet here now!

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  1. nice article . as we see that 60% of road accidents happen because of those cyclists which not use the basic safety necessity things like helmet and bicycle lights.
    so try to save others and also ur self,
    good luck

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