Amplifi Wi-Fi Booster – More Power to Your Router

It’s annoying when your home Wi-Fi’s signal doesn’t cover your entire place; it’s like all of your wireless devices are on short lease. To make the most of your wireless home network and Wi-Fi connectivity you don’t need to spend a premium to get a router with a stronger signal strength and wider area coverage – you can do that more with the new Amplifi Wi-Fi Booster. This handy network gadget utilizes SmartBeam technology to broaden the range of your present wireless signal. The Wi-Fi Booster also promises to deliver smooth multimedia streaming and online game connection to all wireless capable devices without the annoying network hiccups or lags.

SmartBeam locates and tracks each wireless device and then transmits focused beams of bandwidth to those devices for a smooth and seamless wireless connection. To enjoy the benefits of improved Wi-Fi coverage, all you have to do is connect the Wi-Fi Booster into your router and Amplifi’s own Smart Connectivity will handle all the technical mumbo jumbo for you. As an added bonus, the Amplifi Wi-Fi booster is wireless-G back compatible, IPv6 ready, and comes with a push button commercial-grade 128-bit AES data security encryption. Finally, this wireless product is D-Link Green technology certified, complies with EU RoHS standards, and uses soy ink and recyclable packaging to reduce environmental wastes.

Summary of Features:
• Expands existing wireless network’s coverage
• 6 element beam-forming antenna
• Selectable 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band
• 4 high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports
• SharePort Plus Technology for sharing USB 2.0 devices

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