All inclusive package with 30FPS 8GB Spy Wrist Men’s Watch Camera DVR 007 Gadget US

It looks like an attractive and beautifully designed watch if you are not aware of its actual functions. In reality it is a specially designed camera and the microphone. It has the features to record motion videos with high resolution. One just need to gently press one button and this watch enables to record video with a great resolution and complete sound recording.

This is a latest model with internal memory of as much as 8 Gigabytes! Isn’t that too good for an ordinary spying gadget? It can record a video for up to 90 minutes continuously or can click thousands of pictures with good megapixels. Not only this, with a great resolution feature, this 30FPS 8GB Spy Wrist Men’s Watch Camera can be used ad PC webcam too (having all the drivers in it).

For playing back the videos it uses media player and quick time. There is no requirement to install any other special software. It seems like the complete all-in-one package is made available in this watch itself.

Wile it records video, the security concerns are ensured by its non-blinking feature. It doesn’t product any sound of tweet or blinks while recording and thus maintains the privacy at the highest standards.

A design with complete metal, Spy Wrist Men’s Watch runs on li-ion battery and its button battery lasts as long as up to 3 years. Even with a separate battery for watch and the DVR, the functionality of the watch are run with total synchronization to give the desired output. For more details on Spy Wrist Men’s Watch, click here.

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