Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop – The Little Conqueror

As computer games get better and better so does their demand for a more powerful hardware. And nothing conquers the most graphic and resource intensive games like the hottest out-of-this-world gaming weapon – the new Alienware M17x laptop. Just how a lion mangles a hapless carcass, this formidable gaming laptop chews on the toughest system requirements like they’re just another meat before the king of the jungle. Exaggeration? Look at the hardware specifications and you be the judge.

Inside this 17-inch metallic black or metallic silver anodized aluminum encased mechanical contraption lurks a powerful choice of Intel Core i7 and i5 processor with Turbo Boos Technology that offers dynamic and on the go overclocking. Every gamer knows that a good GPU is one of the secrets for a great gaming experience, Alienware knows that too that’s why they didn’t settle for anything less than a pair of GPU in ATI CrossfireX configuration running around with a full one teraflop of pure unadulterated graphics processing power. Still, even with all that raw dual-GPU capabilities, gamers can switch between discrete and integrated graphics using Alienware BinaryGFX technology to save on power until they see the next opportunity to pounce on their next prey. Gamers can go as far as putting the M17x in Stealth Mode which will turn off the discrete graphic cards and other hardware to go down to a 65-watt power limit. When playing, all combined power of the processor, discrete graphic cards, and other hardware are displayed in all brilliance on the M17x’s 17-inch widescreen LCD display that features dual CCFL backlight and an 8-ms ghost-exorcising response time.

Alienware M17x also features a 2.0 MP webcam with integrated mic, a built-in High-Definition 5.1 surround sound audio, an array of ports, slots, and jacks, and Alienware’s exclusive Command Center and AlienSense face recognition software.

Your own Alienware M17x laptop can be found here.

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