Alarmio – The Retractable Cable Lock Alarm with Motion Sensor

If you are always on the go, you need to keep your things secured at all times. You don’t know when thieves will attack, so it’s very important to be always on guard. Just consider the gadgets you’d be carrying everyday, such as your iPod, iPhone, or laptop, and you’ll instantly realize the need to have some sort of alarm for your bag and other stuff. Also, just think about the places that you often visit, like camp sites, resorts, restaurants, concert grounds, offices, and more, and imagine what will happen if you leave your things unattended even for a minute. You sure won’t like the thought. So, to give you that peace of mind, consider this ingenious gadget accessory called Alarmio.

Well, just by its name alone, you’ll already know what this geek gadget accessory can do for you. Yes, it’s basically an alarm, but it’s not the typical one since it features a retractable cable lock alarm with motion sensor. True, it’s designed with 100dB motion sensor, so you are guaranteed that it will instantly alarm the moment it detects any motion near your things. Not only that, it also functions as a lock, all you need to have is a 4-digit resettable combination ,and you’re good to go. No worries about bringing it anywhere to, even when you go biking, hiking, or camping, because it is made with super strong ABS lock body.

So, would you leave your things without any form of security? Go and equip your things with Alarmio now!

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