Air Flo Controller – Say Goodbye to Sweaty Palms

Does your palm sweat a lot? Well, some people do experience so much sweating on their palms, especially when they play on their computer or gaming consoles for long hours. If you’re among them, perhaps you also keep wiping your palms on your pants just to get rid of the sweat, at least even for a while. But doing this can be such a hassle, right? So, this is where the Air Flo Controller comes in!

Designed to keep your palms cool, this product makes playing for long hours with your PS3 a lot more comfortable than you used to with your old controller. This is made primarily with an ergonomic design and soft touch grips, so you’ll find playing more pleasurable even during extended gaming periods. This also features reverse analog sticks, which are responsible mainly in putting the controls where your thumbs are. And since it’s made with Patented Air Flo technology, you can expect nothing but performance and sweat-free palms with the built-in 2-speed cooling fan.

Here’s the summary of this product’s features:

* Brand New
* Air Flo ergonomic controller with attached 10ft/3m cord for extended reach.
* Switch on the built-in 2-speed fan and keep your palms cool with patented Air Flo technology.
* Reverse analog sticks for precision game control and improved comfort and gameplay.
* Dual rumble motors for an enhanced gaming experience.

So, play longer and keep your palms sweat-free all throughout the game! Get the Air Flo Controller here now!

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