Acer EcoDisplay GN245HQ – Everything You Want in 3D

The world can’t just get enough of 3D and when the world demands more, consumer electronics manufacturers stand ready to deliver. One such company is Acer with the newest addition to their range of EcoDisplay monitors. The GN245HQ is the first ever 3D monitor that supports NVDIA’s HDMI 3D solution for delivering powerful and immersive graphics right to your desktop. The N245HQ 3D monitor is designed with gaming and entrainment in mind – it’s the perfect monitor for movie geeks and gaming enthusiasts. Acer combined full HD 3D imaging, HDMI 3D or DVI-DL (DL for dual link), and NVDIA 3D vision to set the new bar for 3D-enhanced multimedia and gaming experience. The included NVIDIA 3D pair of glasses sports hi-tech active shutter 3D technology that works seamlessly with the monitor’s integrated IR emitter. The built-in IR emitter allows for multiple pair of glasses be used at the same time with the monitor. Add the HDMI 3D connectivity and the whole gang can enjoy 3D TV broadcasting from set-top box, 3D movies from Blu-ray Disc player, 3D pictures from 3D camera, and highly immersive 3D games from an HDMI 3D game console.

The Acer GN245HQ is not just all about 3D; it has all the impressive numbers to back it up. This monitor features 100 million:1 contrast ratio, full 1920×1080 HD resolution, 23.6-inch LED backlit display panel, 16:9 aspect ratio, 120Hz refresh rate, last but not the least – 2ms response time. Customers will not only appreciate the display but the physical design as well, the GN245HQ is given clean lines and sharp angled surfaces for that striking look and a power button that blends flawlessly with the smooth bezel. Acer GN245HQ should be available mid March at around £419.9.

More Acer 3D monitor can be found here.

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