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‘Spying’ is the part of a few professions like journalism, detective agency, security and armed forces etc. This is the reason that the spying gadgets are gaining fast popularity and offering great solutions to these groups. Though it is a preference of a section of professionals but the many others also love to own and endorse a cool spying gadget like HD Spy Camera DVR Recorder.

This is a camera cum video recorder with the video resolution up to: 1280 x 960 pixels and camera (JPG Photo) resolution: 3264 x 2488 pixels.

It contains a pinhole lens that can not be traced by even a careful inspector. The other safety feature is its stainless steel case.

In the form of a watch it comes as an authentic leather wrist band. Though one can not dive with it but still, it has got the stamina to face some extent of water.

The JPEG feature comes with a video compression mode and a great speed of USB used as an interface.

With no hassles of wiring, disturbance etc., one just needs to plug and play the device.

The complete package comes with an 8 GB HD camera water proof watch. Other items include: USB cable, User Manual and a retail gift box.

There is a high quality built-in Li-on capacity for charging the device. Simple to play by just plugging in, this device is a good menu of multi-functional activities like videos, video correction, etc.

One can simply record interviews, meeting etc with the help these devices. For more information, click here.


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