4GB Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder USB Flash Drive Gadgets

If you are fond of some cool spying gadgets that record every sound with great precision, then the 4GB Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder USB Flash Drive Gadgets are here for you!

Many a times in our life, we encounter some personal or corporate meetings that should be recorded and kept for future evidence and reference. In such circumstances, we need a smart spying gadget that can record the minute details of the meeting.

With this 4GB Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder USB Flash Drive Gadgets, you can get a 100% concealed recording. It doesn’t produce any beeps or blink sound while performing the job. With a tremendous audio clarity it offers a simple play and plug in mode for the users. The 4GB internal Flash Memory allows a large amount of data to be stored in this device.

It’s a portable device that offers a long stand-by time of 4 hours. In the situations of battery fail, people generally face the trouble of finding a ‘charging point’. This spy ear bug can be charged with the help of PC or even a laptop, relieving the headache of looking for a socket and the switch every time.

One just needs to follow the spy’s action i.e. need to press the ‘start’ button before starting the recording and press ‘stop’ while ending it. If ordered online, the kit for Spy Ear Bug Voice Recorder comes with a user manual and the case.

This is a perfect combination of a 2 in 1 device that offers only a good quality sound recording but also gives a memory of 4GB flash. Click here for details on Spy Ear Bug.


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