3M CP45 Pocket Camcorder Projector – Record and Play Footage on Big Screen

Isn’t it amazing if you always have a gadget handy that you can use to record out of the blue scenes and then play the footage afterwards on big screen? There are actually a lot of cool gadgets that can you can use to record videos, however, not all of them are reliable in terms of mobility and functionality. Take the usual camcorders, for example. Yes, they are made to capture video footages but their bulky design doesn’t make any user too happy about carrying one all the time. So, if you are the type of user who is after mobility and functionality, then you better choose the 3M CP45 Pocket Camcorder Projector.

Although its name implies the projector functionality more, this product is actually designed as a camcorder too. Planning to spend a day hiking with your friends soon? Then, bring this gadget and never complain about added bulk and weight again just to record some of the best views along the way. How about skiing? Oh for sure, you’re excited to hit the snow soon and record some of your skiing adventures! But to ensure that you capture everything, right when it happens, then you must have this pocket camcorder projector ready before you hit any of those fabulous ski resorts. And since this works as a projector too, just get that big screen ready and you’re off to a viewing experience like no other.

Here’s a detailed list of product features:

* Records HD video (720p) in MPEG4 format
* 5MP still camera
* 2.4-inch LCD display
* 4 x digital zoom
* 2GB internal memory: stores up to 1,000 still photos or 25 minutes of video
* 1.5 hour battery life
* Embedded speaker
* Projects six to 65-inch still or moving image from projector’s internal or expandable memory at SVGA resolution
* Uses Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology for superb image quality and minimization of component size
* LED light source with 20,000 hour life means the unit is environmentally friendly and there is no need for a replacement bulb

Pre-order the 3M CP45 Pocket Camcorder Projector here.

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