Zipfy Mini Luge – Because you Deserve to have Fun!

A geek who also loves sports and the exhilarating feeling they give to every player will sure want to play Zipfy. Why? Because this is the easiest yet safest, and most exciting downhill sport ever! If you’re among those people who love to play such sport, then the Zipfy Mini Luge is perfect for you. This thingy is lightweight (- 3½ lbs.), compact, and amazingly fast! It is made from high-density polyethylene plastic and is engineered not just for performance but also for safety and maneuverability on every type of snow.

With this device, riders can control their speed and come into a halt by digging their heels into the snow, thanks to the Mini Luge’s feet-first design. Other great features of this sports equipment is its low center of gravity and its rail design on the underbelly of the sled, which make it possible for riders to carve down the slopes, by merely leaning into the turn. To enjoy Zipfy and the Mini Luge, all you need is to sit down, hold the handle between your legs, lift your feet, and hold on. You don’t have to worry about your legs because they are supported by the hood of the sled.

Since Zipfy Mini Luge is very light, you sure won’t get tired from hauling your sleds back up the hill. It is designed with a weight capacity of up to 250lbs and it can comfortably carry riders of all weights and sizes. So if you love the snow and you want to try this exhilarating winter sport, then visit Discovery Toys and get a Zipfy Mini Luge now!

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