Zig Zag Knot Puzzle: A Colorful Brain Twister!

Are you one of the individuals fascinated by the Rubik’s cube? Are you challenged by puzzles that you need to work with and unlock? If you are, then you will surely love the Zig Zag Knot Puzzle and the challenge that it presents.

This puzzle is a brain twister. Inspired by the human knot game, this is formed like a knot that you need to untangle. To do so, you have to slide the knot apart in the correct manner and sequence until you “solve” it, so to speak. The said puzzle may look like a child’s toy because it has very bright colors, being made up of six colored tangled and interlocking pieces. But, do not be fooled. Untangling this knot actually requires serious skills in analysis, problem solving, and abstract thinking. Toss in tons of patience and you’ll have a great chance of unlocking it. If, on the other hand, you’re not so keen about spending hours trying to discover how to take the knot apart, don’t worry – it comes with a guide to help you. There are actually just 37 moves that you need to do and familiarize with (in proper sequence) to untangle the knot. Those 37 steps can be found in the guide, together with instructions for reassembly.

The Zig Zag Knot Puzzle is an ideal gift for kids 8 years and up and even for adults (NOTE: not for very young kids as it can cause choking). It’s perfect for developing the thinking skills of children while they are at play. If you want this knot puzzle, you can find it here.

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