ZAGGbox – What’s behind this Catchy Name?

ZAGG is one of the companies behind the gadget skin protection on the edges of helicopter blades. But now, this company is ready to try its luck in home entertainment industry with the advent of the ZAGG box. Now what should we expect from a device with such a catchy name?

Well, the ZAGGbox is an absolute entertainment hub that enables you to store and have access to all of your media from your home and on your iPhone. This Digital Media Aggregator comes with a perfect blend of your home computer’s multimedia power and the convenience of your television. With this, you can record, store, and play all of your videos, photos, and music in a single component and access it from your TV or any other internet-capable device.

The ZAGGbox also allows you to stream all the content you stored in it to a mobile Internet gadget through Video Podcasting, UPnP, or even a built-in web server. True, you can now stream in just about any place because you can bring your media library wherever you go. ZAGG box boasts its robust streaming capabilities, which put all your recorded programs and content right in the palm of your hands.

Furthermore, with the universal remote that comes with the ZAGG box, you can manage up to six integrated devices using video switching through analog or HD/SD video cables and IR blasting.

Shipping of the ZAGGbox will begin second quarter of 2010. In the meantime, you can check out similar products and other media streamer at Amazon.

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